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Khalid Doubi
Pollution Threatens Australia's Great Barrier Reef

According to the author In "Pollution Threatens Australia's Great Barrier Reef". Talks about how the industries, human activities, and chemical materials harm, and pollute the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. From these effects to the barrier reef the coral reef that attracts the fish will be harm for it after it get polluted because fish eat it. Ecosystem and barrier reef will be affected by chemical materials, when the chemical materials enter and pollute the water. All these effects such as industries, human and farms activities will decrease the growth of coral. Causing pollution by industries, human, and tourism activities blame each other that. They are not the causes of pollute, the tourism know that the Australia reef is the biggest reef in the world.
Do you think that industries, human activities, and chemicals material pollute the water in Australia? Yes, Industries, human, and chemical material pollute and harm the water. Each of these effects such as industries, human activities, had it own effect on the water in Australia. Industries lost some of the oil in to the sea. Human activities effect on it from throwing the trash in the water or the sea, and chemical materials effect on It by shipping it to the sea. Do some testing on the sea harm the great barrier reef. great barrier reef is under danger from these effects.
Industries are the most harmful effect for the water. Such as oil ships and factories which are close to the oceans or rivers. When oil ships ship the oil from ocean to ocean, it might pollute the oceans that it cross, If either the ships leaked the oil from it or throw the oil bottles in to the sea. more over, When that happened, Great Barrier Reef might be in a big dangers situation. According to the article Pollution Threatens Australia's Great Barrier Reef (2003) “Probable effects from the pollution were reduced growth of coral”. Factories can also pollute the water, especially the factories which are close to the ocean. Factories trash includes high percentage of soil and liquid materials might be thrown In to the ocean or close to the ocean. In addition, the salt that beautifies the sea, might be polluted and unable to be used from people, which will stop one of the best resources from the sea.
Second human is one of the reasons why the water pollution, human can affect water in many ways. First, by throwing trash to the sea, such as bottles, it is now something usual to see in the sea, it happened by careless people. this trash pollute the sea, and harm the Great Barrier Reef, It also stop coral from growing which might cause a risk to the sea life. If that happened their might be no food for the fish to eat. second, tourist has a role in the water pollution, because it is something known that Australia has the biggest and largest Great Barrier Reef in the world, this thinking start to be bad for the water, because these tourist harm the water, by using ships to travel and see the Great Barrier Reef inside the ocean, which can be one of the water pollution.
However, chemical materials are one of the pollution causes that effect on water especially the sea, such as shipping chemical materials by the sea, or trying to clean up the sea, also making testes on the sea could be one of the pollution. By throwing chemical materials to the sea can cause the human being a big problem, here is the result, when careless people throw the chemical material into the sea, its going to kill the coral and the fish. When the hunt season reach the hunters will hunt these dead fishes and sell it to other people, that will cause people who eat it to a dieses, because the fish meet takes place in peoples food all over the world, and people are using their meet to cock for their meals, but all these pollution affect the sea animals health, and in the close future, it create a sick generation of theses animals who were feed by polluted substance. Such weak and sick fishes can not make healthy food for us as human. We need energy to move, live and work, but these polluted animals which effected by pollution, can kill our bodies. Trying to test and cleanup the sea can be harm for the life in the sea, because all their idea is about chemical.
In conclusion, All industries, human activities, and chemical material affect the sea water and life, which can kill the life in the water, and kill the best resource in the world. Industry harm the sea by throwing their trash into the sea, human harm it by throwing bottles into the sea and throwing chemical harm the sea by the ships. Everything can be controlled by the governments, in order to stop harming the best resource. They can create a new kind of ships that do not harm the sea or stop hunting and using the sea until they manage the pollution problem. If not their will be no health water to drink, because sea is the original resource for water, and it is going to stop the next generation from growing, and it will stop the life in the world, now a days the water is more expensive than the gold.
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Khalid doubi
Drinking in the U.S.A
Do you think that 21 must be the age that allowed people to drink in the U.S.A? The U.S.A should not allow people who are under 21 to drink for many reasons. First, whenever young people get drunk, they start to act violently. Second, alcohol is bad for young people health. Third, alcohol becomes a problem because it stops the student’s education. Accident percentage will rise from people who drive while drinking.
However starting to act violently is something usually happened when people are drunk? often people who are under 21 do violent things and this what we can see, such as fighting in the bar, because when some people get drunk, they start to fight with their friends especially in the bar. Some aggressive people kill each other if they get mad and the reason is drinking. Moreover, in the stadium, young people do violent things, such as throwing battles, and burning the stores, when some people get drunk in the stadium, they start to fight against the people in the other team, and do violent things. Sometimes they through bottles to the team that they do not like, which can heart the players. However after finishing the game, these drunken people go out of the stadium or the bar and crash the cars, burn the stores, and damage the houses. This fact often happened by young people who did not reach the age of 21.
Second, when young people start to drink, they might drink every day and stop their study. Therefore, Young people are more likely to have fun with their, their friends who are in the same age of them will support them to drink either on the week days or on the weekend. They will follow what their friend said, and after a while they will lose their education from drinking all the day long, and forget about their studying. For example, in Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, some of the students who is under 21, loss their education and get low scores, because they drink every day. Young drinking from 18 years old could effect on their education.
However Drinking is bad for the health. When those young people start drinking daily from this age, they might have mental and physical problems, mental problems because alcohol has a bad effect on the brain cells. Whenever these young people start drinking, they are hearting and losing their brain cells, alcohol effect bad on the body especially the liver. Therefore According to Erie News (2001) “The liver filters blood, but can only metabolize alcohol at a limited rate. Excess alcohol invades the liver cells and this can lead to diseases, such as cirrhosis and cancer”. If these young people start drinking and hurting their liver from the age of 18, they might be in a big risk in the future, because they start drinking from a low age, and their life might be shorter if they start from 18 years old.
Furthermore, drinking while driving often seen by young people between age 18 and 20, which can cause accidents. According to Erie News (2001) “If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times -- drinking and driving is a deadly combination. This is true for all ages, but especially for teens”. whenever Young people get drunk, they do not care about anything they just want to do what they want, forgetting about the punishment of drinking while driving. This fact can cause many accidents which might cause death, because drunken people drive fast without feeling hoe fast they are driving. Those drunken kids might not see the stop sign which can cause accident. For example, one of my friends in America died and killed four people, when he was drunk and driving very fast. And did not see the signal, so he crashed the car which has four people on it and they all died. In addition Young people could cause death to the others when they drink.
In conclusion, acting violently after drinking. How alcohol effect badly on the young people, and accident that caused by drunk teenagers. All of these things can stop the U.S.A government from allowing, these young people who are under 12, from drinking because it is bad for the society. We do not want our children to lead on any of these causes such as acting violently, lose their health and their education, and driving while drinking.

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research paper:
Great Barrier Reef pollutions and solution

EAP2 writer’s workshop, Heidi Wright
Khalid Doubi
November 30, 2006

The topic of this paper is Great Barrier Reef pollution and solution. It argues about the solution for all the Great Barrier Reef effects, Great Barrier Reef is not Australians problem, it’s a nation problem, and Great Barrier Reef must be protected and supported. There are four pollution and for each pollution there is a solution. The first is the tourist effect on Great Barrier Reef from such as urinating in the sea, but by putting strict roles from government might help to control the problem. The second is oil pollutes Great Barrier Reef such as shipping oil by the sea, but using a high quality ships or stop shipping oil could help to control the situation. The third is Climate change effect great barrier reef, but by warm water from nuclear plants should not be returned to the ocean might help. The fourth is industries effects, by decrease the burn from sugar factories might help Great Barrier Reef to grow.

Great Barrier Reef pollutions and solutions

I. Introduction:
A - A family went Queensland in Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef. They urinate into the sea. Used ships. Walked on Great Barrier Reef.
1-the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world.
2- Tourist comes to see Great Barrier Reef from all over the world
c- Statement of the problem:
1- Four things affect Great Barrier Reef tourist, oil, climate change and industries.
2- Four solution might help to control the problem, put strict roles for tourist, stop shipping oil, warm water from nuclear plants should not be returned to the ocean and decrease the burn of sugar factories.
d- Thesis.
The tourist, oil, climate change and industries pollution harm great barrier reef. This solution could help, in order to protect Great Barrier Reef. Put strict roles for tourist, stop shipping oil, could help if warm water from nuclear plants should not be returned to the ocean and decrease the burn of sugar factories.
ll- main argument:
1- tourist cause pollution to great barrier reef
2- Oil cause poison to the Great Barrier Reef.
3- Climate change threat Great Barrier Reef and put it under danger.
4- Industries might change the Great Barrier Reef genetics.
lll- conclusion:
1- Tourist problem, could finish if government put a strict roles.
2- Oil problem, by stop shipping oil might stop the problem.
3- Climate change, by warm water from nuclear plants should not be returned to the ocean
4- Industries problem decrease by decreasing the burn for sugar in sugar factories.

Great Barrier Reef pollutions and solutions

A family went Queensland in Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef. They had fun but at the same time they harmed the Great Barrier Reef and polluted it. This family resided in a hotel which amongst other hotels had a sewer system that leads to the sea. This family spent good times on the beach, swimming, surfing, and scuba diving, but on the other hand they also littered. Some even urinated in the sea water and others walked on the Great Barrier Reef killing the beauty found in it. Furthermore, ships were used for transportation. Some of those leaked gasoline into the sea water polluting the reef. In the end of the day, the father took a sample from the Great Barrier Reef as a souvenir. If every family did what this family had done, the Great Barrier Reef will be in a serious danger. In addition, visiting The Great Barrier Reef without guidance might harm it. Therefore, guidelines should be set in order to protect this magnificent wonder. The people need to be more careful with The Great Barrier Reef in order to save it and keep it alive for the next generation to see it. There are many effects which harm and pollute the Great Barrier Reef, in the same time for every pollution there are solutions.
The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. According to Haigh (1997), “Great Barrier Reef is also the World Heritage listed site”. Great Barrier Reef considered one of the world's greatest natural wonder, that’s why tourist comes to see it from all over the world. According to wikipedia. “The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space and is sometimes referred to as the single largest organism in the world”. Great Barrier Reef is clearly seen, it’s wonder and greater can be seen from space. According to wikipedia, “Composed of roughly 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands that stretch for 2,600 kilometers covering an area of 344,400 km2”. The reef is located in the Coral Sea, in northeast Australia. A large part of the reef is protected by governments and some responsible parks. It is made of many thousand of small organisms, known as coral polyps. The Great Barrier Reef was also select as the World Heritage Site in 1981. CNN has labeled it one of the seven natural beauties of the world. But tourist, oil, climate change and industries affect the Great Barrier Reef.
However, tourists are endangering the Great Barrier Reef. Their affect on the great barrier reef include their water sports, their tour travels using ships, and their curiosity to bring back home a piece of this treasure. It is known that the barrier reef is very sensitive. It can easily be hurt or poisoned. Divers and swimmers who urinate in the sea pollute and kill the Great Barrier Reef because it needs healthy clean water in order to stay alive. According to Australia barrier reef and tourism, “In 1990, swimmers had to be told to stop urinating in the water because it was killing the coral”. Also tourists cannot stop themselves from seeing the Great Barrier Reef and not taking a part of it out of the sea. Therefore, if every tourist did that there might be no barrier reef anymore. Tourists who rent ships to enjoy the ocean do not know how to deal with the anchors, so they throw it away and it kills the barrier reef. Hotels are also affecting the reef because they send their dirty water down to the sea and the barrier reef feeds on that polluted water. Also developing tourist programs such as opining new hotels harm the reef for several reasons including the building materials that are thrown into the sea. Finally, stepping on the barrier reef means killing it and maybe the seeds within it.
Nevertheless, The Great Barrier Reef problem is not just an Australians problem it’s a world wide problem. However, the government should put strict rules such as charging the people who take out pieces from this reef and also the ones who walk on the reef destroying it and killing it. Also people who throw trash into the sea should be stopped. Organizing a special department to watch over the hotels is another step that should be taken. Putting such strict rules by the government can help to save The Great Barrier reef. If people knew that this reef is endangered by their behavior they would stop littering and if guided they would also stop urinating in the sea. If people are to stop visiting the reef for a year maybe it will grow and be healthy. Therefore, tourists would stop thinking that they are no harm to the nature and parents would start guiding their kids telling them not to litter and not to urinate in the ocean. Also keeping an eye on the sewer system and making sure it doesn’t lead to the sea could make a big difference. Actually governments should build an international awareness so that people would be convinced that this is a problem affecting the whole world.
The second effect is oil, oil is one of the biggest threats to the reef. It is definite that the oil will leak from the digging machines in the ocean. As we should also suspect that there will be leaks from ships. Oil is the first thing that pollutes the Great Barrier Reef, because oil has more than 50 materials in it and each of these materials has an effect on the water. The strongest material which pollutes the reef is the Hydrogen because it’s poisonous. Furthermore, the oil factories that we can see next to the ocean are the most harmful to the reef, because there is no watch over these factories we can see that they pollute the ocean by spilling oils in it and killing its creatures. However, digging in order to find oil in the sea might affect the reef. It is known by many scientists that digging for oil in the sea require lots of work because the oil could easily leak and destroy the marine life including the reefs. It is also not an accurate work, there are lots of mistakes committed by employees. Oil shipping and digging can pollute and harm the reef. According to Wikipedia, “The worst pollution disaster in Europe to date was the 1991 sinking of 'The Haven', an oil tanker loaded with 144,000 tones of Cock oil”. That means that the oil ships are threatening all ocean life and not just the reefs. When the oil ships sink the oil within them pollute the sea killing a high percentage of fish, this fish is part of the food cycle in the ocean. When accidents like this happen, extracting the oil is a good idea to prevent further pollution. The barrier reef might take 30 years to grow up after such pollution.
Therefore, solution could help Great Barrier Reef is from government, to stop oil explorations in the sea. Stop the close oil industries to the sea. Stop extraction the oil from the sea rocks. Stop shipping oil by the sea. However, oil exportation harm the Great Barrier Reef, because while extraction the oil, their might be Leaking from the oils machine which could play a big role of killing a lot of Great Barrier Reef areas. Changing the place for the industries, which is close to the sea could help the Great Barrier Reef to grow up, and stay in a good health. Furthermore, these industries trashes might be thrown in the sea, which might cause poisons to the Great Barrier Reef. There are a lot of oil stocks on the rocks, which is close to the Great Barrier Reef. By extract the oil from it could harm Great Barrier Reef, actually, the oil machines which might kill a lot of Great Barrier Reef, and could also poison it by oil leaking. Stop deliberating the oil by the sea. Furthermore, sank one ship in the sea could poise a big space of water sea including the Great Barrier Reef.
The barrier reefs are reefs that are separated from land and grow along the cost continuously. Two other major changes that affect those reefs are: natural disturbances and anthropogenic disturbances. The natural disturbances include the change in climate. The changes in climate such as the increase in the oceans temperatures and the increase in average sea level are highly affecting the ocean life and especially the barrier reefs. Because those reefs live in an exact temperature, the raise in the water temperature around them means having to adjust in a climate different from their original. This raise of temperature kills the reef. And this is what caused the death of 60% of the Australian reef in the past 30 years. There are also other changes in climate such as the changes to rainfall patterns, the changes to ocean circulation, and the increased concentrations of CO2 in the ocean. However, those changes in climate are mainly caused by humans. According to the Australian government “Climate change is occurring as a result of human activity and that it is one of the biggest threats to reefs”. The global warming for example is affecting many animals and is caused by greenhouse gases that prevent the infrared radiation from leaving the earth’s atmosphere which causes a global warming. There is also the increase of the amount of CO2 which causes a disturbance in the oceans chemistry and therefore a change in ocean animal’s organisms. These examples of climate changes are only a few but cause immense problems to the ocean life. As a result the Australian greenhouse office is helping in a program to save the Great Barrier Reef.
However scientists nowadays are looking for solutions for the climate changes. An exact method has not been reached yet. But there are ways to protect our atmosphere from further changes by warm water from nuclear plants should not be returned to the ocean, reduce gases, control the smoke factories. First, nuclear plants should not use the sea water to cool down the engines then return this warm water back into the sea. This causes the oceans to warm and result in climate changes. Second, gases that affect the ozone layer should be reduced or maybe changed to the solid form so that they can’t evaporate and harm the ozone shield. These gases harm the ozone layer resulting in a global warming and a huge change in the earth’s weather. When the temperature raises the ice in the North and South Poles melts. This results in a raise in the sea level which is not suitable for the barrier reef. Third, smoke from factories should be controlled. Because factories produce huge amounts of pollutants everyday they chemically pollute the air. If the air is polluted the oceans are also polluted. To avoid that, factories should either find a way to use the evaporating materials such as CO2 or should stop their engines from working at least twice a week. If they reduce the days of work every week then the amount of pollutants would be less. This idea may not work for business men because reducing working days means reducing the amount of products too. However, there is another way to clean the air around those factories and that is by planting lots of trees around them. Fourth, the burning of garbage should be stopped and recycling methods should be put into use. At last, people should be aware of pollution consequences. They should know that polluting the air means polluting the ocean and this means that the marine life and the coral reefs will be endangered and so will our lives.
Furthermore, industries effect and harm the Great Barrier Reef. Some examples are the sugar cane industry, pesticide factories and power stations. Sugar cane industry produces a high amount of pollutants. Because it deals with sugar cane and has to burn it to extract the sugar. However, these factories Release a huge amount of harmful gases. The sea water absorbs these gases and the water’s chemistry is changed causing disturbances to the reefs life and bringing diseases to those reefs. On the other hand, the pesticide factories use a lot of poisonous materials. They produce pesticides to sell to farmers. Farmer’s use it and then it evaporates in the air, the sea absorbs these gases from the air. After that these gases are absorbed by the sea weeds and the reefs poisoning them. According to CNN news “Sugar a suspect in Great Barrier Reef decline Fertilizer and pesticide use on sugar plantations, as well as land clearing for cattle grazing, had increased chemical and sediment run-offs”. These poisons might also change the forms of next generations causing an entire problem for the sea life. Therefore, stations of electricity cause a pressure on the sea because of all the radiations they make. These radiations could harm many marine lives the same way they affect us humans.
However for every pollution there is a solution, decreases the burn of sugar from the factories, change the power station area, put special chemical materials on pesticide insect. In fact, a plan from the government to the sugar cane factories, in order to decrease the burn from the sugar. Either by changing the machines that help to burn sugar, or by changing the sugar factories place. Furthermore, changing the power station places could decrease the pressure on the see and help the Great Barrier Reef to grow and live. Therefore, trying hard from the scientist and responsible people, in order to make the chemical materials for the pesticide insect less harmful for the Great Barrier Reef, by making studies for it. Furthermore, If not government should stop these factories from selling it for people in order to make the next generation for barrier reef more beautiful than now.
In conclusion, there are many effects that threats Great Barrier Reef also there are solutions that might work to help Great Barrier Reef. Such as tourists, oil, changing on climate and industries affect Great Barrier Reef. Tourist effect on it by urinates into the sea, but by a strict roles setup from the government this problem could be controlled. Oil effect on Great Barrier Reef by shipping the oil and digging in order to find oil, but if the government stop exaction oil from the sea it would help. Changing in the climate such as increasing in the temperature or the sea level, but it might help if protect our atmosphere from further changes by warm water from nuclear plants should not be returned to the ocean, reduce gases, control the smoke factories. By Industries harm the Great Barrier Reef either by sugar cane factories, pesticide insect factories or station of electricity, but by decrease the sugar burn, stop putting harm materials on pesticide insect, and trying to make the power station far away from the sea. People and government should know that Great Barrier Reef is not Australians problem, it’s a nation problem, and starting to with solution for every effect on the Great Barrier Reef by government will help a lot. Consciousness from the people of how to not pollute Great Barrier Reef.

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Khalid Doubi
College education is expensive
Do you think that college education is expensive? Yes its very expensive and students spend a lot of money which is a lot for them and which the can not afford.
College education is very expensive for students from many ways, such as books and how students and parents face troubles to pay it, housing and how it how much it costs, them and tuition how it’s hard for student to pay it.
Books are very expensive for students it cost them a lot of money. The student who study in the university or in college don’t have a lot of money because they don’t have time to work and study in the same time, students are depending on their parents and some of these parents are poor so they can not pay for their sons for books. For example the reading book cost the students 40 dollar. Even though they did not use it. According to Tribune (2006)” a realistic estimate of textbook costs: about $600 per semester for full time students”. However the cost of books is very high witch put students in troubles.
Housing is expensive for students, especially in the big cities it cost them double the price than the small cities and the villages. For example, my rent is 900 dollars even though I am in a small city and one of my friends who live in California use to pay 2000 dollars for his rent per month. In addition students start to live in bad places with low quality in order to pay less. So the period of education such as in college or university is bad for student because they live in a low life class. So in either way housing is high price such as small cities or big cities cost the student’s alot.

Tuition is the most expensive thing that student have to pay. Many people can not have education because the high cost of education. In addition the percentage of people who is not educated is rising up. According to Nietzel (2006)” the implication was that Missouri is in danger of losing students to other states and that they might never return”. However international students pay more than American students which is bad and it stop their education in the United States. For example, international students pay 7000 dollars in the SIU University but the American students pay 2000 dollars witch is not fir. However paying for education by student is high which stops them from education.

In conclusion, students are facing troubles from education. Such as paying their books witch is expensive, paying their rent which cost them a lot of money. The most expensive thing is the tuition which cost them a lot of money for them to pay. we can see the different payment between the American students and the international students. However government must make the tuition cheep and help students to continue their education to develop the life in the world.
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Khalid Doubi
According to the article, adults aged 18 to 20 who are full time in college drink more than adults who are not full time. Studies showed that males have the highest percentage of drinkers, and heavy drinkers more than females. Half of Americans start drinking from age of 12. Heavy drinkers start drinking from age 18 to 25. The study shows the percentages of calories in alcohol, what kinds of alcohol have the highest percentage of calories and which have the lowest percentage. Students start to become fat because of the high percentage of calories in alcohol. Some students try to manage their fatness and do exercises to lose weight.

Drinking is something bad if the person starts drinking from the age of 12; it’s unhealthy for the body, and it brings a lot of disease in the future. However the percentage of people who drink is very high, which is bad for people’s health because alcohol is not healthy. Drinking every day is bad because it stops the drinker from doing their studies or their work. I do not like a thing that makes me fat, so a lot of people think the same way; that’s why they do not drink; we can see that women do not drink because they do not want to get fat. There is another solution for drinkers who want to manage their Weight; they can do exercises every day and drink so it will be better than now.

Khalid Doubi

Amish shooter
According to CNN News, the attack that happened in Pennsylvania was by Charles Carl Roberts, who died. He is 32 years old: he took his children to the bus stop, then he went to the school; he was planning to commit this attack because there was not any kind of mistake in the operation and also that he got it was so obvious that he was planning to do the attack for at least two to three weeks, according to the state police Col. Jeffrey Miller. He said that it was hard to the troops to get in to the school because the attacker put covers into the door; that’s why they get from the window. Police had a hard time to identifying the Amish victims in the hospital. Workers said that they did not know what is coming to his mind but they felt that he was under pressure in the last week.
If we take a look at the history, we can see that this kind of attack was not the first time that happened; actually there was a shooting in Chicago in 1999. A similar thing happened and if we take a look to what the police state said, he said that the Campus of school can be secure but things like this happened. No one thinks that this person who has a family can commit this in a community. What happened can stop children from studying or going to school; they might feel afraid, then in this way there will be no education. This man has something crazy going on his mind that’s why he did it. Some people who do crimes and kill themselves or get killed by police do it because they are getting bored from their routine life and they want to end their life but they want the history to talk about them and say that he is an attacker. The police must secure the school area by putting more cameras and security police inside the building and outside the building. In this way government can control it more and parents can feel safety when they send their children to school.
I went to the police department in order to ask an oficer some few question about alcohol I meet gourge, sen. And I start asking him my first question was. How many murder crimes do you face every month caused by alcohol on campus? He said, Not so much, when people go to dark places where their no body so they might be some murder crimes. More often it is social assault. ( he mention a story that happened due last month). Advice for people, do not walk alone in the dark. My secound question was. What is the age that allows people to drink? In all the 52 State 21 is the age to drink. (we don’t deal with those). I asked him another question, What is the punishment for under age drinking? He said,We issue a situation and then we some times contact their parents, its not as bad as Dwi. (Store). In holidays when IL State had the campaign that increases patrolling throw holidays. My fourth question was, What kind of violent do people do when the get drunk? He said, When people drink they overly aggressive, when words had not meant to be say. When any physical aggregation, verbal aggregation as well.after that the fifth question was, What do you do with people who fight and the reason is drinking? He said, We worn them if they continue to act violence we catch them. Often times in public places the security ask them to live. If they start again to be aggressive we detain them. My sixth question was, What is the most dangerous place that people drink and fight? Why? He said The place that there are a lot of people and there are a lot of alcohol, for example house party some times parking lots. My seventh question was, Do you allow people drink and drive? He said, Absolutely under no circumstances. If we catch them the license is immediately revoked and a situation is written. In addition we detainee them. My last question was, What about the security on campus is it more in the week end? He said, No. on the weekend the campus is quiet but we usually do the usual round throw the campus but during the week days it is crowded their.


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khalid doubi

Children and video games

How many hours do you play video games a day? Children these days play more than 7 hours a day.
Video games are not good at all for children. Video games stop children from eating healthy food; they stop children from studying and from interacting with the society.
The first reason that video games are bad for children that They don't eat healthy food. While children are playing video games they forget them selves, they focus and give their attention to the video games, some children eat snacks and the most forget them selves and don't eat. Stop eating can put the children in a bad health or it might kill them. Children will start to stop growing if they stop eating healthy food.
Second children are spending all the day playing video games so they don't study. Because of this they will not have good grades in school. children who spend all their time on video games might not pass the year that they study. Video games stop children from being smart because there are a lot of things that children can improve their scales in such as taking online tests to see how good they are or to study some books to see how smart and fast they are.
Third interacting with the society is something very important but video games stop children from doing this. Knowing how to act with the society is some thing important, if the children learn it from the beginning of their life it will be hard for people to sheet on them, for example if the child hat some body and this person came to him and heart him he will know in that time how to act. The child grows with no experience in their lives especially in society if they are always play video game.
In conclusion video games have influence on children on many ways. With video games there are no healthy food no study no acting with the society, but if parents control the children of using these video games they can make their children life much better and protect them from a lot of things.
Khalid Doubi
The Deadly Noodle

The author mentions that America culture made a big influence on a lot of countries food. In the past food was very normal and natural. Now its not, there are many thing mixed with the food such as chemical material witch is very bad for people health. however junk food is unhealthy and most people eat this meal, so they get fat and they get diseases such as heart attack. People eat this junk food and they stop making exercises so it is unhealthy for them. however in this generation people don’t stay with their families than before they stop their relationship and break it. I agree that America changed the culture in the world in many ways such as food, exercises and family contact.
theirfor Food in the United States is unhealthy. there is a lot of chemical material in the food. this chemical material effect on our body in a bad way. it makes people fat. we can see that America have the highest percentage of people overweight in the world. Illinois state is one of the highest percentage of fatness in the United States.
however People stop doing exercises that’s why the percentage of overweight raised. exercises help people from getting diseases. it makes people healthy. doing exercises make people healthy and attractive. on the other hand not doing exercises can bring a lot of diseases to the body such as heart attack.
Now families don’t contact together a lot, this can make problems in their life. If they contact with their parents their parents can not know anything about their children. however when the children see that their parents did not care about them they might do bad things and grow up with bad childhood. From my own experience, when I used to live in Saudi Arabia, one of my neighbor did not set with his family a lot because they are busy, so he grow with bad friends and his family don’t give him any advice, when he reached the age of 15 he start to sell drugs and weed. We can say that the family has big influence in the children.
In conclusion, people must do exercises and try to eat healthy food to make their life better such as cooking healthy and clean food with low calorie to stay healthy with a good body. Families must set and talk together in order to know what is going on with them so they can have good and successful life.
Hastings, M. & Thiel, S. & Thomas, D. (2003, January 20). The Deadly Noodle. Newsweek 141, 3.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The paparazzi job.

The author says that people all over the world are interested in famous people. They want to know what is happening with them and the photographers are the ones who bring the photo and the information. They take the risk to do the job and they know this thing is legal. But the thing that we don’t know is who do they take these pictures of and from where do they bring the information.

In my opinion I think they bring the information from the people who know the celebrities; they contact them and sit with them; that’s how they bring the information.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Khalid Doubi

According to BBC online magazine in “Media Studies: The Next Generation. “,by Jonathan Duffy, young children are learning how to write and read from the media by the age of three; the older children in England learn what is the right way to understand what the media is. Most children have a television in their room and watch it. the new government is planning to make the children able to translate the media machines, which are really complicated by age of 11, and they are going to contort them; children in the 21st century are spending more than half the day watching television and their parents do not know what are their children are looking at. Children are very susceptible to being targeted by the advertisement and the media.
In my own experience there are some negative things and positive things.
First I am going to talk about the positive things. If you teach those children the way to understand the media and how to translate the media language you will spend their time on something good which can banefit them selves and society, at the same time they can improve their skills, then after that the media will become fascinating, but the most important thing is they will know the way the advertisement acts with the society and how they deal with them, they can know how reporters publish their research and their articles; also, they will know everything about the media from the time they are little, and when he becomes bigger the media will be everything for him, then he can be creative. I have a short saying I used in Saudi Arabia: “The learning by the small thing is the same as the carving on the rock” (they will never forget it).
On the negative side, those children spend a lot of time on the television watching it and spend all the day watching it. They can spend the day on something more important; for example, he can study and stay with their family Television affects their health especially their eyes. It is important that parents do not known what their children are looking on; it might be bad things, but they will never known.
The government should encourage the children to be part of the media. They can give them more money to become a part of the media. They can put a lot of exiting things exiting on media and make it better and more fun for them to see it. Also the society can help them and make them have a high self-esteam.
In conclusion, the positive things is more than the negative things; it will be better for our children to learn about the media from their child hood and enjoy it. The negative things could be controlled by from the parents, and government is the best to help those children to get into the media.
(2004, Jan, 30). Media studies: the next generation. Duffy, J
Khalid Doubi

According to the BBC website in “A little less censorship.”, the author says china has put new rules about using the web to control free information and put a penalty for people who don’t obey the new rules and the purpose of that is they don’t want the user to see sexual and violent materials. The author says that a lot of countries don’t give the freedom for people to see what is in the internet as a result, a lot of people in these countries tried to get or to make anti-censorship software to see what is on the internet and if the police caught them, they will go to jail. Finally the author says we don’t have the right to not allow these countries to not give the freedom for the people to not see what is in the internet, but we can tell them not to be so strict about it.
Thompson, B, (10 Jun 2005). BBC news “A Little Less censorship?”.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Britney loves her child.

Britney had been sown and Envisioned on a SUV, while she was driving and putting her child on her lab, which made allot of noice on the media. According to source close to her said that she was on her way to Starbucks with her bodyguard, he went to buy a drink, she hold her son because she notes that the paparazzi will take a photo. So that she was aggressive with them especially when her bodyguard came. Britney said she was afraid of the paparazzi, and they were rude with her, she was scared about her son and she will do any thing to protect him.

In my opinion. They way that those paparazzi acting with famous people is really bad, i don’t like any one to try to find out what I do in my life.